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Prepar3D v4.3.29.25520 主程序和那个补丁

TimeSays 发表于 2018-07-06 17:38:37 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
插件名称: Prepar3D v4.3.29.25520
适用平台: Microsoft FSX / Prepar 3D 
创作组织: Lockheed Martin
硬盘使用(MB): 12903
此版本已过期,不建议下载,请在这里下载Prepar3D v4.4.16.27077

Prepar3D v4.3.29.25520 又更新了


--- Prepar3D Client ---
General Platform Updates

New Features

    Vehicle panels can now be used in VR.
    Window Definitions can now be created and applied to Prepar3D windows.
    Added Scenery Library and Add-ons to the Startup Screen.
    Added interactive Map to the Airport Selection Screen.

New Features (Professional Plus Only)

    Added basic Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) support.
    Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) entity appearances can now be customized per bit via XML file.

Fixes and Improvements

    Fixed issue where right clicking the ATC and closing would cause the ATC window to reopen on a view change.
    Fixed inaccurate heading when broadcasting to ForeFlight.
    Invalid camera settings no longer save out when saving in VR.
    Various VR Performance improvements increasing overall framerates and stability.
    Virtual Cockpit (VC) rendering performance improvements.
    Fixed visual bug where UI windows would flash at the wrong location when opened.
    PreVC post processing optimized with new VC rendering techniques.
    Updated Colorizer post process to correctly use stencil buffer.
    Fixed numpad view panning when using SimConnect applications.
    Fixed rare bug in Oculus initialization that could cause visual anomalies.
    Fixed visual errors when using Oculus with SteamVR.
    Fixed VR issue which prevented the proper single pass stereo mode from updating based on settings.
    Fixed bug preventing the ShowMessageText setting from persisting.
    Fixed issue with undocked views not focusing and accepting input when closing their context menu.
    Fixed bug preventing add-ons from loading properly with trailing slashes ‘\’ in file paths.
    Added a VR settings UI screen and reorganized VR menu items.
    Oculus VR headsets can now be used with SteamVR.
    Added VR emulator option to test VR without having a headset connected (requires installing SteamVR).
    Cinematographer camera movement speed is now updated based on joystick sensitivity settings.
    Fixed issue that could cause the ATC window to be disabled unexpectedly.
    Fixed issue that caused keypresses to be processed on SimConnect menu windows when opened.
    Zoom is now available in VR.
    Installer is now digitally signed.
    Fixed crash that would occur in vehicles with a large number of VCockpit panel entries.
    SimConnect menus no longer register for key presses larger than the menu option count.
    Reduced lag when opening context menus.
    Fixed bug where numeric keypresses to SimConnect windows would also be sent to the main application.
    Custom camera menu items are now displayed in their view category and can be applied to views when opened.
    Deleting a custom camera now only resets views that had that specific custom camera applied instead of all views in that category.
    Default settings for VR, ViewGroups, and Multichannel are now written out to configuration files.
    Added reset camera menu option in context menu and menu bar. Reset also reapplies custom camera values if set on the view.
    Updated default zoom levels for cockpit and virtual cockpit entries to 0.3.
    Fixed issues with certain sensor views in VR singlepass with MSAA enabled.
    Fixed bug that caused voice communication issues over multiplayer.
    Added -rolename command line option. This lets users specify the rolename for multiplayer scenarios.
    Startup screen is no longer displayed when using the -net command line option.
    Both structured and unstructured scenarios can be selected when booting directly into multiplayer using the -mp command line option.
    Fixed visual issues with focal points.
    Placed dynamic lights are now processed in clusters with additional distance-based checks improving performance.
    Added ability to create custom voice control phrases from VR.
    Renamed Selection key events in the Controls UI to Selection/Zoom so that the key binding for zooming is easily searchable.
    Added magneto increment/decrement to Controls UI.
    Removed redundant work in water texture processing.
    Fixed hybrid unit display errors in UI.
    Added checkbox for disabling cockpit momentum effects.
    Fixed margin errors, tooltips, and minor visual bugs in several UI screens.
    Fixed issues where custom scenery could cause invalid data to be written in land classes.
    Fixed bug where secondary view group windows would not fully expand to the left and right of the display.
    Fixed bug where maximized windows on secondary monitors would not cover the taskbar in full screen on Windows 10.
    Fixed bug with vehicle doors opening after a SimConnect menu was opened.
    Added additional fallback case when loading control mappings to disregard any GUID in the title. This is useful when exporting controls on one machine and importing on another where GUIDs may not match.
    Fixed resizing issues with the timer panel.
    Changed default observer focus type to local instead of world.
    Updated installer to reduce potential hangs when installing DirectX.
    Fixed enter key not working with Activation UI windows.
    Fixed crash when opening the Save UI if any installed aircraft were missing titles in their aircraft.cfg.
    Fixed crash when originalID was missing from scenario file.
    Updated generic buildings to do more accurate position calculations.
    Redesigned the Custom Camera UI.
    Fixed bug where sensor mode would not be cleared when removing IR post processes from views.
    Post processes no longer render one additional frame after being removed.
    Fixed error preventing email activations from persisting on restart.
    InfoGen is now updated in panel only views.
    Fix bug with rotatable landing light PBH in ISimObject vehicles.
    Fixed Flight Planner UI bug with cruising altitude not automatically being calculated after a departure/destination is selected.
    Fixed collision bug with avatar.
    Distant vehicles are more accurately displayed.
    Fixed bug where VC only views would be white when set to the starting view in a scenario.
    Fixed issue preventing User Interface windows from blacking out the application on newer versions of Windows 10.
    Fixed bug where Payload UI would save changes when pressing escape.
    Fixed issue with attached effects that could cause them to disappear at certain viewing angles. This also affected attached dynamic lights.
    Fixed turbo prop shaft torque time constant preventing errors causing incorrect net negative torque values.
    Fixed crash that could occur when crashing vehicle.
    Fixed issue preventing the host machine in multiplayer from correctly serializing content to client machines. This would occur when the host did not have content that connected clients had.
    When multiple UI windows are open only the window accepting user input is enabled.
    Improved handling of autogen extrusion object intersections including bridges.
    Fixed bug which could cause night terrain textures to be incorrect for one frame in some cases.

Fixes and Improvements (Professional Plus Only)

    Various updates to DISEntityTypes.xml.
    Fixed potential infinite loop when two or more DIS entities were colliding.
    DIS articulated parts and entity appearances are now configurable via XML file for both native objects and ISimObjects.
    Fixed audio choppiness when using DIS radios and intercoms.

SimDirector Updates
Fixes and Improvements

    Fixed bounding issues when zooming with double click in SimDirector.
    Fixed bug causing SimDirector to lock up when canceling out of the SimOperator UI.
    Fixed crash that would occur when closing SimDirector when starting Prepar3D in SimDirector mode.
    Fixed bug where SimDirector icons would not render with post processing disabled.
    Improved tab key handling in SimDirector catalog view.
    Windows in SimDirector can now be activated using the keyboard by pressing Ctrl + Tab.
    Updated SimDirector course documentation.
    Fixed bug where the SimDirector window title text would not display file names containing multiple periods correctly.
    Added “ShowText” property to Dialog Actions.
    Added clarification to goal objects to highlight that completed goals can still be failed.
    Fixed bug where wingman behavior would still move AI when position freeze all was active.
    The current AppVersion will now write out to fxml from SimDirector instead of the loaded scenario’s AppVersion.
    Added confirmation prompt when exiting SimDirector.
    The AirportLandingTrigger IDENT field now correctly validates against all airport ICAOs and is treated as a validation error instead of warning.
    Fixed SimDirector bug with Zoom Mode resetting to Standard after pressing shift while in Precise mode.
    Fixed bug where opening the Select Vehicle UI would cause all placed objects to disappear.
    The SimDirector window position and size now persist when switching between modes.
    Fixed issue with mouse look behavior for docked views in SimDirector Preview mode.

--- Prepar3D Content ---
New Content

    Added six flyable C-130 aircraft as default selectable vehicles:
        AC-130 ‘Spectre’
    New placeable 3D scenario objects added:
        Outrider Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) vehicle
        74K Aerostat lighter-than-air vehicle system and mooring platform
        Miniature Hit-to-Kill (MHTK) missile
        Javelin missile
        Surface-to-Air Missile ground vehicle
        TPQ-53 Radar System ground vehicle
        Multi-Mission Launcher ground vehicle
        High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) ground vehicle

Fixes and Improvements

    Removed duplicate sound in AIM-120 missile.
    Fixed issue that caused Jet Fighter 27 and 29 to appear as selectable vehicles.
    Model and texture updates for the CH-53.
    Removed broken duplicate firetruck SimObject.
    Some Scaleform mission panels were missing window_size cfg entries leading to sizing errors in some cases.
    Fixed missing sounds for several AI ground vehicles.
    Updated CH-53 and UH-60 exterior models with more accurate crash boxes.
    Updated CH-53 interior textures.

--- Prepar3D Scenery ---
Fixes and Improvements

    Fixed scenery errors causing trenches to appear along Cyprus.
    Fixed elevation and exclusion issues at YBUD.
    Fixed elevation issues in Guam.
    Added American Elm and Acacia mild winter SpeedTree variations.
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