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懂英文的朋友进来一下 求翻译 GOOGLE那个太雷人了

CXA1316 发表于 2012-7-20 14:39:29 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
这是airsimmer A320的破解翻译 但是我没看懂 求高人翻译+ ?6 ^+ f5 b, q& y7 B7 b( g
- I  @7 W0 g6 O% h# @1 _9 o
/ g0 f6 E% Q+ r/ Y$ V( j- L
Greetings guys.7 k% r& L4 n' J$ r: [) y( U
So, for successful installing Boeing767 we need the aircraft, which downloaded from a site and this crack.
) J9 u% h  U$ O! j* N# k& iThe instruction on installation.
' l4 X* C( N7 g; S: S$ j" f/ i4 t1. Put an exe-file 767 in a folder with crack. For example C:\Deflorator\1 P# i1 `* h# r0 h3 r! `3 a& k& C$ Y, ]
It should contain files: de-Flight1.exe, bypass.dll, msvbvm60.dll, readme.txt, LearnToFly.exe, flight1wrapper.reg, reinstall.dll and Level-D67-1.exe (the aircraft)+ j3 `; s2 x7 w1 J
2. Start command line: Start-> Run-> cmd -> OK. It is necessary to proceed in a folder with crack. For this purpose type in the console:
  y+ I8 K0 ]& J9 F! xcd drive:\Path\
8 q+ u5 p" b, KFor example if it is in folder C:\Programs\Deflorator\, write: cd C:\Programs\Deflorator\. It is simple:) On a case if you HDD have a logic partitions and crack is on the other disk, it is necessary to type/ W  U! |4 F- t/ P2 e) f
cd /D drive:\Path
/ L7 O* b4 {5 _( Z5 J( G8 K$ VIt is possible to start a command "dir" to be convinced that you in that folder.. t( S9 x- j7 k* Z) s/ t
3. We start Wrapper a command: de-flight1.exe Level-D67-1.exe [-r]: M5 i3 K4 u1 e  x9 L
4. In the console any inscriptions will appear... It like a log of the program, and at once you can see a window where it is written " Press OK for immediate wrapper termination. ". DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON!!! It will finish work of the program instantly! Without  file save.( G( {5 A* o, \$ u5 W
The ambassador the warning will appear that it is necessary to switch off firewall for successful purchase of a product. We press 问 - > Yes, I Understand - > OK6 K- b& _( T6 k
5. We reach the main form and it is filled with its false data (just in case):) Card Verif. Number enter anyone 3-dig. We press Click Here to Purchase. - > I Agree - > OK - > Yes  e& s% m9 L/ @5 R
6. Appears MessageBox Secure connection... If will be delays (more 5?seconds), or it will be lighted
9 N; ?; z' E5 Z5 R" Establishing Secure connection" IMMEDIATELY FINISH WRAPPER WORK  by OK BUTTON.
& U8 Y( H5 A2 @) v3 B( DThe delay - about 1-5 seconds - is necessary for operation of the timer and a "native" wrappers code.# _3 C8 F* Z* R  E# q5 n
If all is safe, will be illuminated green " something there Transaction " and " Order Approved " and you will see the form with a phrase similar on " Thank you for your order ", on it(her) the name of your key file will be written.
: t1 G* ?; h8 v9 b' p7. It is possible to make backup and it is possible and to pass(miss) this step. The program 桧耱嚯
greattrees 发表于 2012-7-26 00:06:20 | 显示全部楼层
本帖最后由 greattrees 于 2012-07-26 00:08 编辑 % [# \! q( x- W" P7 U
# W8 [6 h6 O; U. p# w; I
朋友们好!3 z. M- x; v- Z; ^9 h. K: A
接下来的内容是为了能成功安装比并破解从""上下载的波音767及; N/ [" u* O; ~! U' e- H+ s
/ V8 _9 V9 L$ E1,-把767的执行文件放在一个用于破解的文件夹里,例如 C:\Deflorator\,里面需要包含de-Flight1.exe, bypass.dll, msvbvm60.dll, readme.txt, LearnToFly.exe, flight1wrapper.reg, reinstall.dll and Level-D67-1.exe (飞机文件)
! h7 H8 ~- W; [7 a9 F9 v" G
( g  K$ ^) S+ s* ]2,-打开命令行:开始-运行-cmd-确定,我们要在我们的文件夹里操作,所以,我们输入下列命令:
! r1 g  v3 t  B/ ^/ n9 Ocd 盘符:\路径\
' j: p  _  H5 K- r例如文件夹是C:\Programs\Deflorator\,则输入:cd C:\Programs\Deflorator\(这只是举例,根据自己的情况来),有时候你的破解文件夹放在其他逻辑分区里(不在C盘),则使用命令:cd /D drive:\Path
1 Q# i+ z! R5 J% j* g% ?4 w输入命令:dir可以证实你确实已经定位到了你想去的文件夹里
0 D, k, d0 h( }7 B, p, Z7 K& L+ [0 A* @* A. W. L0 F: B0 J& X0 t
3,-输入命令:de-flight1.exe Level-D67-1.exe [-r] (原文是封包,不知其意,照着做吧)3 d3 r. ]1 I' e4 Z2 m: o" w
& C: s' W2 P# X+ h
4,接下来屏幕上会出现一堆文字,类似程序的运行记录。当屏幕上出现”Press OK for immediate wrapper termination"时,千万不要点,千万不要点!!!千万不要点!!!否则之前做的事情没有保存就都没了。当提示关闭防火墙时,点Yes I understand; w) m) G$ M/ ~; R! w

" _" M0 ]3 r/ Z1 J# Y8 s5,- Card Verif. Number 输入anyone 3-dig.(这里是不是有个附图或者附带的3-dig文件?) 点Click Here to Purchase - I Agree - OK - Yes7 t$ O0 n7 M: D/ {% f

! E0 f: [" l: Z4 I% X* E, c6,-安全连接对话框出现后几秒后,出现"Establishing Secure Connection",直到出现Immediaely Finish Wrapper Work By OK Button"1 l. s! t: s9 {7 b
1-5秒的延迟用以操作计时器和"native"打包号(这是啥?)* E5 e: ^2 t" |" u0 j0 r
全部搞好后,绿色高亮的:something there Transaction ,Order Approved ,Thank you for your order
# ]9 p$ k) Q6 f& r: U5 P, h8 j2 U# T0 r/ @) ~# [! j  x
7,-可以备份,也可以跳过此步9 C; F7 I# |" ^3 V* y
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greattrees 发表于 2012-7-26 00:06:49 | 显示全部楼层


我觉得是毛子写的 谢谢了啊  发表于 2012-7-26 13:29
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