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桂林新干线 发表于 2011-6-15 22:28:19 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
Flight CZ3291               flight report log             Date June 15 2011
Flight ID: CZ3291
Pilot: donghh
Company: guilin
Aircraft: iFly 737-800 (Wide screen)
Flight Date: June 15 2011
Departure: 10h48 (03h49 GMT)
Arrival: 11h51 (04h51 GMT)
From: ZGKL - Liangjiang - China
To: ZGGG - Baiyun - China
Nbr of Passengers:  135
Flight Distance: 208 Nm Landing Speed: 137.91 kt
Time Airborne: 00h48:04 Landing Touchdown: -40.8 ft/m (kiss)
Flight Time (block): 01h04:28 Landing Pitch: 6.15°
Time On Ground: 00h18:29 Landing Weight: 153514 lbs
Average Speed: 260.56 kt Total Fuel Used: -7970 lbs
Max. Altitude: FL 220 Fuel Not Used: 27774 lbs
Climb Time: 00h04:41 Climb Fuel Used: -13687 lbs
Cruise Time: 00h22:45 Cruise Fuel Used: 3252 lbs
Average Cruise Speed: 415.38 kt (M0.63) Cruise fuel/hour: 8578 lbs (calc)
Descent Time: 00h20:38 Descent Fuel Used: 2463 lbs

Passenger Opinion: Exceptional flight (100%)
-Are pleased to have landed right on schedule.
-Were pleased by the music on ground.  A very nice addition to their flying experience.
Financial Report:
Ticket Income: +$19,980 (208 Nm)
Cargo Income: +$4,231 (8038 lbs)
Services Income: +$235 (0 sandwich 0 hot food 1 drink)
Services Cost: -$212 (54% quality)
Fuel Cost: -$-6,466 (-7970 lbs Jet-A1)
Airport Taxes: -$156 (Large Aircraft)
Insurance Costs: -$1,367 (5.65% rate)
Total Real Income: $29,177   
Total Income: $1,458,850  (real x50)   
Fleet Bonus: $350,293      (3 aircraft)
Total Sim Income: $1,809,143  (total income+fleet bonus)
Company Reputation:
Considering that the flight was perfect the ticket price good, the service price normal and the service quality good, passengers on this flight think that your company's reputation should be 100%
Your company reputation is now: 93% (+0.63 increase)

Overall Flight Result:   Perfect
Pilot Bonus points:   356 points
You made a very smooth landing. (+50)
Perfect Flight, no problems and very satisfied passengers. (+150)
You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)
Precise arrival time at destination.(00h00:32 difference) (+100)
Bad weather conditions during take-off, but a safe landing and satisfied passengers. (+26)
CES0215 发表于 2011-6-15 22:36:11 | 显示全部楼层
VLN4324 发表于 2011-6-16 11:48:51 | 显示全部楼层
nice touch-down



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